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Soul of Zemun

Restaurant Šaran


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A combination of a unique ambience and atmosphere

More than a century ago fisherman Vićentije Vukotić opened a restaurant in his house. We still use some of traditional recipes for fish soup.

This beautiful house next to Danube coast captivates with it’s architecture and from it’s beginning was a place to bring well known people from different spheres of life, and for fisherman that was the first place to come to with handful of fresh fish. That’s something we are proud of even today.

Restaurant “Šaran“ soul of Zemun.

Restaurant “Šaran“ captivates and conquers its audience with home cooking and warm atmosphere also with top offer of drinks selection. House is filled with massive pieces of furniture,walls are hand painted by artist to give a sun feeling and fabrics are colours of beautiful Danube.

Exquisite cuisine

That which takes precedence in the food offer it’s for sure Šaran’s cuisine. Years of work and dedication,youthfull enthusiasm and ambition of our team gave the results which made “Šaran“ four star fish restaurant.

We kept the tradition of river fish specialties  but we went one step ahead with bringing sea food delicacies.Also for those who dont like fish there is still something to pick from our menu not to mention our homemade tasty desserts.

Tambourine sounds

With good food and service also relaxed atmosphere “Šaran“ brought as well some chords and music.Every evening there is great tambourine orchestra waiting for you to make your moments memorable.