Šaran restaurant 1896-2016.

Šaran restaurant

The wrongest answer you can give to someone if in Zemun you answer that you are in Belgrade.

„Silverrich Zemun“ today lives more in books and people’s stories. Still to this days when you come to Zemun from Belgrade you have the feeling that you came to different town.

It is all about Danube,it is royalness. About the river of life and all names for Danube in ancient books: Danubius,Zeus river,river over rivers… Danube makes all cities that live next to very important,one of them Zemun as well.

In Zemun,all the residents live happily ever after,even those not lucky ones. Zemun evens out all Serbs, Croats, Germans, Hungarians, Czechs, Slovenians, Jews, Russians…

Also evens out nobles and common,old and young,academics and fishermans and of course restaurants and guests.

Even when Zemun had only one thousandhabitants there were at least ten restaurants at those times.

We don’t know many facts about “Šaran”restaurant but we know what made it and what makes it the same even today. “Šaran” was and isfulfilling all it’s guests desires and thanks to that it’s still here after so many years.

One upon a time there was a little house made of mud on the coast of Danube on the corner where Gardoš cabblestones and Danube quay meet. Built who knows when in past.

Then in 1896. when Gardoš got it trademark “Millenium tower”, Vićentije Vukotić(1851-1925) well known restaurater decided on the spot of that old bar to open a restaurant “Zlatni Šaran” (Golden carp) in the next century house as changing ownership and more than a century  „Šaran“ was making it’s guests very happy.

It was well known expression when you have to meet in Zemun „See you at Šaran“.

And fulfillment of desires…with help of courage,preservance and love above all…like in all fairytales.

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