The soul of Zemun and the modern fishing spirit of Zemun

Nenad Lučić

Chef at the ‘Šaran’ restaurant since 2004.

Nenad describes himself: “The kitchen is my mission, approaching cooking as a form of art.” All specialties at the Šaran restaurant are his personal creations. He has an exceptionally developed sense of taste for the food he prepares, teaches, and instructs his kitchen staff. For him, there is only one requirement: TOP-QUALITY INGREDIENTS. Everything else is the wealth of his soul, which is directly reflected in the taste of his food. In his free time, his hobbies include painting and sculpting.

He is also a passionate fisherman, spending many hours fishing on the Danube, Sava and Tisza rivers. The spirit of freedom is felt in his work and his approach to collective management. There is always an extremely good mood and order in his team, work and discipline are principles that are not dictated but are imposed and implemented by themselves as a result of the overall approach to the kitchen, the restaurant and the staff. He comes from an exceptional family where he acquired the first basics of respect for himself and his environment, the basics of consistency and hard work, which gives colleagues and the team security and exceptional responsibility towards the profession and the work they do. Nenad Lučić is a brave chef who does not shy away from challenging situations, introducing novelties and following trends, but also a very responsible chef who stands behind his decisions, which have brought top business results for almost 20 years in this restaurant.

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