Restoran Šaran

The soul of Zemun and the modern fishing spirit of Zemun

More than a century ago, fisherman Vićentije Vukotić opened a tavern on the ground floor of his house, which quickly became widely renowned for its unique-tasting fish soup, whose traditional recipe is still used today.

The fusion of ambiance and tradition


The Šaran Restaurant, located on the Oslobođenja Quay in the heart of Zemun, embodies a fusion of rich tradition and modern Alaskan spirit. Founded over a century ago by fisherman Vicentije Vukotić, Šaran quickly became renowned for its uniquely flavored fish soup prepared according to a traditional recipe still used today.

The ambiance of our restaurant features a unique blend of tradition and modernity. Situated on the banks of the Danube, we offer a magnificent view, making our restaurant a perfect place to relax and enjoy excellent food. We proudly emphasize top-notch service and a pleasant atmosphere that attracts guests from all over the world.

A Cuisine to Remember


It is well known that people from river regions, especially those from the Danube, not only lack a great passion for seafood specialties but also take pride in their restaurants where exclusively river fish dishes are served. This tradition at the “Šaran” restaurant has lasted almost 110 of its, now, 120 years of existence. However, the much-mentioned new era, with its own doors, has introduced that novelty – reversed today’s course of events and brought the sea into the Danube, introducing sea fish and seafood onto the regular restaurant menu.

The kitchen is the heart of our restaurant and our pride. Our menu offers a wide selection of fresh fish specialties, Mediterranean and European dishes, as well as options for vegetarians and gluten-free diets. We place special emphasis on carefully selected wines from the sun-drenched hills of the Balkans, which perfectly complement the gastronomic experience.

Our Most Popular Specialties


All specialties at Šaran restaurant are his personal creations. He has an exceptionally developed sense of taste for the food he prepares and teaches and guides his kitchen staff. For him, there is only one requirement, and that is ‘PREMIUM QUALITY INGREDIENTS.


Grilled Octopus

Carp Fillets

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